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what i do when i am not posing my dolls and eating ice cream:p.s. my truly outrageous mood theme icons were made by starbrite_icons!
70s art deco revival, aesthetes, alexander mcqueen, alphonse mucha, andy warhol, anita pallenberg, archigram, aubrey beardsley, ayumi uyama, ball chairs, barbarella, bavarian kitsch, biba, blackletter fonts, blythe, broadcast, bubblegum psychedelia, bunnies, burlesque, buttons, cacharel, carnaby street, cartoon animals, chihuahuas, chinese cresteds, circus fonts, colored tights and fishnets, corduroy, corsetry, courreges, cram cream, cupcakes, dandies, danger diabolik, david bowie, decole, diagonal stripes, dollybirds, eero aarnio, eley kishimoto, embroidery, enchanted forests, erte, fairy tales, fake food, fake woodgrain, fetish couture, fischerspooner, france gall, french maids, french pop, funnel cakes, george harrison, giraffes, goldfrapp, guy bourdin, handmade stuffed animals, hansel + gretel, harpsichords, harry clarke, hobbit holes, ice cream, in like flint, irregular choice, jane birkin, jem + the holograms, jonathan rhys meyers, junko mizuno, lederhosen, lefor openo, liberace, lucite, marc jacobs, mary quant, miffy, mitten the dog, mizna, mod fashion, modesty blaise, muppets, nightlife aristocrats, op art, oscar wilde, owls, parfait, peter pan collars, pinups, polaroids, polka dots, pop art, pygmy goats, qui etes-vous polly maggoo?, qylaar, rankin bass, renaissance fairs, richard scarry bunnies, ricrac, rita tushingham, ruffled trim, russ meyer, san-x, scalloped edges, secret underground lairs, serge gainsbourg, sid & marty krofft, sitar music, slytherin house, smashing time, smurfs, snow white, stationery, storybook architecture, supergraphics, supermarionation, swinging london, swiss dot netting, sylvanian families, the monkees, the velvet underground, the wicker man, the zombies, theda bara, theme parties, totoro, toy houses, trina shart hyman, unicorns, union jacks, vampyros lesbos, velvet goldmine, velveteen, verner panton, vespas and lambrettas, vintage fabric, vintage licca, vivienne westwood, weimar berlin, white chocolate, wigs, wind in the willows, wonderwall the movie, woodland creatures, xanadu, young edwardians